• VDR Wine bottle
  • About the Wine

    VDR proudly diverges from the status quo with a nontraditional red blend headlined by Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot – two grape varietals known for their extraordinarily deep violet hues, concentrated flavors, and full-bodied profiles. While others may be intimidated by the idea of combining such bold varietals in a single wine, VDR leans into it. And it is this confident disposition that makes this rare blend so intriguing.

    With big tannins, intense color, and distinctive taste profiles, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot are most commonly utilized in small amounts to bolster certain aspects of blends that are lacking in structure, color, flavor, and even personality. Viewed by many winemakers as the pinch hitters of winemaking, we see these power players through a completely different lens – a lens in which they aren’t a backup plan, but rather the all-stars that define our style, our namesake, and our moxie. The result is an unforgettable statement wine that needs no introduction.

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